Losing Weight With Smoothies – truths, lies and recipes

The rise of detox shakes and green smoothies for weight loss has revolutionized the diets of traditional athletes. Anyone who wants to boast of a healthy lifestyle must incorporate fruits and vegetables, as well as the strict recommended amount of minerals, into their dietary plan.

In the case of those who are looking for slimming shakes, things get even more complicated because among the large number of products that claim to help you lose weight fast, we find a large number of formulas and offers.

Do you want to know what is true in all that is said about these slimming shakes? Can you really lose weight with a shake? We tell you all about it below.

What are weight loss shakes?
Weight loss shakes are not a magic formula for weight loss. They are not miracle shakes.

And, above all, whether a product is an antioxidant has nothing to do with weight loss.

Myths and rumors about slimming products have been accumulating in our brains for many years now. I’m sure you’re familiar with the famous Herbalife shakes that contain the nutritional values to substitute for one or two meals a day and lose weight along the way.

But, the fact that you lose weight by consuming shakes does not mean that it is a healthy diet. In fact, if you visit any endocrinology professional, they will tell you that meal replacement can be very expensive in the long run, when you return to a normal diet of three, four or five meals a day.

Weight loss shakes are therefore supplements that can help you in your weight loss goal but should never be used as real substitutes for food (at least in the long term).

Types of weight loss shakes
Indeed, weight loss shakes do exist and many people decide to supplement their diet with a diet based on this type of shakes. Obviously, we are not referring to runners who, after a hard training session, come home and prepare a protein shake, powdered or homemade, accompanied by fruit. These shakes, if accompanied by carbohydrates, do not make you lose weight, nor do runners usually seek that goal with their consumption: they seek to recover the nutrients lost during the effort of training.

However, slimming shakes are something else. In fact, this is the name given to all those that, in addition to incorporating fruits and vegetables, add an antioxidant element with a fat-burning reputation, such as green tea or red tea, among others.

In addition, these shakes that supposedly serve to lose weight, are usually ingested as substitutes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Thus, a light meal is achieved, with a lower consumption of calories and with a high contribution of nutrients.

It is not a bad idea for a day when you are not too hungry or when you have consumed more calories than usual at lunch. But it is certainly not a suitable eating plan for the medium and long term. What’s more, any health professional knows perfectly well that a healthy diet should incorporate foods from all groups of the food pyramid and, in the case of weight loss, with an extra reduction in fats, sugar and processed foods.

It goes without saying that there are ready-made weight loss shakes, sold in any sports nutrition store or herbalist’s store, which, despite their advertising message that makes them stand out for providing the necessary nutrients in a diet, are not the best option for an athlete who wants to eat a healthy diet.

Normally, these shakes contain proteins, choline, inulin, CLA and other ingredients recognized as dietary fibers.

Best smoothies for weight loss
The imagination in the kitchen gives for much and the truth is that the supply of smoothies for weight loss can give a lot of play.

Here are some recipes for homemade smoothies for weight loss that can be very useful.

Do not forget that smoothies for weight loss are made with a higher proportion of vegetables and fruits to avoid overdoing it with sugar and excess calories. I recommend that you prepare smoothies with a blender. In this way you keep all the vitamins and fiber that have both the pulp and the skin.

-Smoothie with laxative effect: ice, raspberry and mango.

-Diuretic smoothie: cucumber, melon, pineapple and strawberry.

-Satiating smoothie: banana, peach, ginger, honey and honey

-Antioxidant smoothie: papaya, orange and strawberry

-Fat burning shake: pineapple, lemon and ice.

So, is it good to lose weight with diet shakes?
There are no conclusive studies that we can provide to ensure that it is a bad option, but we can say that it is not the best way to lose weight, nor the healthiest. Even so, there are some studies that support the consumption of products with low glycemic index and high protein to lose weight faster. Specifically, this study concluded that the inclusion of shakes and other protein products in the diet of people with type 2 diabetes accelerated the weight loss process.

But, if you are a runner who is really concerned about your weight, who wants to lose weight to look better, to feel healthier and to improve your athletic performance, then incorporate these routines into your daily diet and they will serve you much better than any weight loss shake, whether homemade or purchased ready-made:

Incorporate high quality proteins in your diet: chicken, fish or eggs.
Do not forget nuts, a food that will increase your daily energy.
Eat whole-grain carbohydrates and do not eliminate them from your diet, as many men and women who want to lose weight fast do.
Add fruits and vegetables in larger quantities, either in detox smoothie format or in the traditional way: cooked, steamed, in desserts, etc.

Do not reduce the number of daily meals: you should eat five times a day.
In short, there are weight loss shakes that can be effective in eliminating a few extra kilos, but in the long term will not serve to achieve the ideal weight and maintain it, and may even be harmful to health. So, whether you are a runner or not, the best way to lose weight is to practice exercise and combine it with a healthy and balanced diet that includes all kinds of food, but controlling the daily calorie intake.