Weight Loss Myths That Never Work

In order to lose weight and lose weight we all know the guidelines that we must follow, but we are aware of the difficulty that this often involves. To achieve our goals we must have a lot of willpower and get used to take a low-fat diet and exercise regularly.

These are guidelines that we must follow if we want to lose weight. However, there is an endless amount of advice circulating everywhere that assures quick results with the least possible effort. In the face of these claims, we must be careful and be aware that the reality is very different.

First of all, if what you want is to lose weight, the right thing to do is to go to a doctor or nutritionist, so that they are the ones who do not advise us on how many kilos we should lose and which is the best way to follow, according to our body and what we are looking for. Therefore, we ask you not to get information only from the Internet, because many of the diets that appear can be very dangerous.

In this sense, we have listed a series of tips that do not serve for a real and healthy weight loss, and that do nothing more than being myths and legends that really do not serve to lose weight

Eat only once a day if you want to lose weight”.
There are numerous miracle diets that advocate eating only one meal a day. This is categorically false and wrong, because it is not healthy to binge eat only once a day, and secondly, because they are not at all sustainable in the long term. Going hungry when it comes to losing weight is never good, as it has been proven that the best thing to do is to eat healthy and varied food but in the right measure.

“No carbohydrates”.
It is not at all the same to be restrictive with foods that carry carbohydrates to deny them completely. Moreover, there are models of diets such as Atkis or keto that are supplied only based on carbohydrates in their right measure and always grilled. After all, they are a source of energy that the body needs to continue functioning at full capacity, so it is not recommended to stop consuming them completely.

“Chew correctly to lose weight”.
This is one of the most common sayings when it comes to losing weight. It is believed that chewing little food makes us put on more weight. Actually, this is not true because the slower you eat, the more you will enjoy your food and the sooner you will feel satiated; but it is not a magic formula to lose weight. Although nutritionists recommend it for being healthier, it does not help us to lose weight at all.

“It’s over enjoying food.”
It is completely true that when we want to lose weight we must make sacrifices, but all must be in the right measure so that the change is not too hard. The normal thing is to establish a day a week to be able to eat what we want. This should be up to us and our responsibility how much we eat, but it is recommended to eat with heads in case we allow ourselves one day a week of disconnection from the diet.

“Don’t eat fats.”
As is obvious, if what you want is to lose weight, you must end as much as possible with all kinds of fats. Despite this, there are many that do not have a great impact on our weight; and they also help us absorb vitamins and minerals from food. These are called healthy fats, present in avocados, olive oil or nuts. These foods are often recommended in weight loss plans due to their beneficial impact on the body.